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Earn Money for Travel – 3 Steps to Get You on the Fast Lane

Some people use a paycheck as a paycheck. I travel

The world calls my name and I love it. A place where I’ve never been to an exotic place with a name that can not be pronounced. Clear water so you can see the shadow of the boat hitting the sand on the bottom of the sea. The ancient walled castle collapsed on a rugged hill. The bustling city blinks in the night, or the forest-filled streets are suddenly descending into a place where nowhere … I want them all. I want to take a breath, walk the road, meet people and eat food.

Unfortunately, all the money is spent. And since I have a limited budget, getting paid together for the next adventure is always on my mind.

Here are 3 steps that put me on the road. 1. Make your heart become real.

When your heart is connected, your journey changes from yours. “Vague” someday is a part of your true future. Suddenly, this trip is an urgent hit. It’s part of what you have to do to be who you really are.

So make it real, create a Pinterest page, develop a favorites folder, keep interesting entries. Think specifically What time of year do you want to go? Rainy or dry season Which festival do you want to see? How much language can you learn before traveling? Cover posters with pictures of places you care about, travel prices you care about. Work on a trip plan, find any dangers, compare hotels, apartments and hostels. Put a local news site into your toolbar.

The immersion is starting now

2. Get real money with

You have to have realistic financial goals. It’s not the only one that will make you depressed or scary.

Every trip has three basic requirements: to get there. Stay there and live there. Traveling there is usually the biggest expense. But even if you fly you will always get better deals if you focus. The internet is full of great resources for cheap airfare. For example, you can fly to a European city center with an international airline and then use low cost airlines to neighboring countries. Play with it!

“sleep there” may be a great expense or maybe even cheap, depending on your choice. Will you work for your room? Stay in a dorm or in an old convent with a nun. You can do it You have to do research.

“Living there” is your daily expenses because you live elsewhere. Eating is part of life there, along with recruiting advice and side trips. The night out for drinks, buses and car rentals is part of being there. Explore Local Resources for Local Travel They are usually less expensive and more appealing simply because they are less “American”, reside like a local in an apartment and cook some meals at home. Shopping grocery shopping may be another cultural adventure!

3. Get to know your savings

The money you save is not “The money I have not spent,” “The journey I’m ready to do” for you.

Name your journey – “Bali for New Years” or “Eastern Europe with Jack and Ellie”. Spreadsheet or better, get a ledger or notebook and place a colored tab. Keep track of your savings in your ledger. When you enter the amount, save it in your basic three categories – go there, sleep there, or live there. You may want to set a minimum for each area each time you save or complete one and start the next day. That is my regular system.

The amount you put first directly from the checkout. That’s you It may be money to travel. The money you make from overtime or from a nanny for your neighbor’s kids on Saturday – that’s probably one night in a bungalow above the water. When you are at home and eating cereals, instead of going out with friends and putting money into your account, there’s a beach dinner.

To cheer yourself up, How to book a cheap flight – Check in on a cross-country trip – Check out a hotel in Singapore – Check out the Hostel in Bali – Check out Romantic Dinner on the Beach – 9459003]

Naming things will help you remember important things. You may need a new car. You may want to go to a Vegas wedding. Or go out for dinner and drinks in the middle of the week – every week and that’s a good thing. But you may not be able to do everything and keep going.

You can make a decision. If it’s an evening between this night or a vague voyage we may occasionally opt out tonight. But if it was dinner during the night tonight, when I was spending $ 25 on my trip, I might decide to stay at home and eat a lot of grains.

Planning things Your favorite, learn about Your new place to see your resources built – is an exciting part of travel. And before you know it, you’re out on a whole new adventure.

Source by Deborah Kukal, Ph.D.

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