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Quality of Life and Freedom Multilateral Debate

The government of the city is their pursuit; “Quality of life” often loses sight of the income stream that comes money to use in their city. Of course, this trend lasts for a long time. People should remember that the government exists because people keep it there, and always remember that you can start throwing tea in water when your government fails.

Let us look now in this discussion. Local government, municipality, and problems I’m familiar with. On our journey, we have noticed the city is friendly to tourists. Do all sorts of unnecessary rules against the natural tendencies of visitors seeking. We have seen in Florida, Daytona Beach, Racetrack, area-friendly traffic, parking and camping events. But in the midst of these events, which, assuming economic wealth for cities and merchants, they inadvertently turn to those coins and are left only with the headache of cleaning and traffic.

The city built a stadium, a theater, a conference center, a courtyard, a rodeo, a museum, a racetrack to attract tourists and money to earn in their town. And if they succeed and the masses pop into town with their dollars, the city runs them like shit and makes them unbearable. The Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City are secure and make it difficult to travel to the city to buy food or receive food. Then the public floated the bond to create a ballot facility for the law to restrict the city’s use during events that hurt the revenue of local businesses. This is scary Then the tourists will not spend as much money as they can and the revenue from the sales tax resulting from those events will not happen, and it is an unbelievable burden and cost to the municipality to host the event. Why? This is dumb

Why are events and invoices around the world if you tell them we do not want your money back home? I see really bad bumpers sometimes in Las Vegas. “Okay, now you see Vegas and then go home!” I bet this person has a job that benefits directly from the money that comes from the tourists. We are now seeing terrors of terrorism, where local police are harassing tourists from the tourists. I wonder why everyone will come back? Why not see on TV is cheaper and you can often get a better view. With today’s surround sound, you can hear the tennis rackets and mingled with high-tech plastic worn by athletes in hockey, football and other sports. Are you sure you hear on TV in baseball, boxing and boxing? One city we were in at NC was told we could not stay in our motorcycle because it was against the law of the city and even in the parish to the camp in the car. Well, of course, when there are 45,000 visitors in the city, no extra room, Coco bedroom or any other place to stay, so in other words, we have an event and we want everyone to come, we advertise nationwide. But we will make it impossible for you to enjoy yourself while you are here. Hmm? Then why go? precise? And if no one likes him or uses money, then this will be a hindrance to the villagers and before you even have to predict it yourself. The city is very stupid to build large facilities and make people pay, and then let the public make laws that make it impossible. Why to make a profit? Deciding on a bad business deal It shows how little can destroy everything. But in the case of Orlando, Vegas or Tennessee, Nashville, which is a national and international tourist destination, all you will cut hand that feeds you. People blame 9-11 for this recent drop in the travel business; I blame the ignorant people who have no clue where the money came from. The city that occupies the overnight parking lot of high-end motor homes during major incidents is self-destructive; They should be the first not to have been bailed out by the government or tax dollars. The use of good money in poor management is as bad as that of Enron.

The cities that make these anti tourism laws still have their economies partially run from short-term tourist money. Think of cities like Henderson NV, Nashville TN, Kissimee FL, Daytona FL. With these laws, these cities can pay the police if no sales revenue is available. City governments and city services are largely driven by a 1-2% return on sales tax, which is paid for all police departments and city services that work at home or contracted out. The funny thing is that the high quality cities have the same level of income to help them travel as well. Touched when they traveled and treated like shit after they voted for a similar law in their own city. HA HA HA A fool who did not see the whole picture; What is the problem with this picture? I laugh because it is really fun to watch this unfolding as our freedom is being robbed by over-zealous police departments, $ 5.00 per hour, security officers, and governments at all levels claiming they are protecting us and taking over. Limit our freedom for our own safety and the freedom of the bull. You can not have freedom by being free.

We have allowed the law enforcement agencies Warriors make the law known politicians to carry out the mud again. Are you sure the terrorists are taking our freedom or are we rolling over and letting it happen? It’s just an excuse to trace back to more than 200 years of hard work and effort to come here. Will we give it all back quickly? Have we forgotten? We forget the words of the Sacristies, Plato, Jesus, Moses, Nelson, Mandela, Martin, Luther King, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and Gandhi. Thousands more? Your ancestors die in vein to protect our freedom or not? The less capable of throwing tea in the water without meaning or not? Give me liberty or let me die do those words mean? We are stupid, as a society we can not see what we have done for ourselves, we let our best media. We have provided free and thought free TV Politicians garbage of opent video video filming?

Why do we let ourselves be destroyed from within? Enemy; They are terrorists Do not wait for them to come here. We should be ruthless in our attacks. Do not hurt our own people with more rhetoric and law. So I think that is the only law to create the law. You must eliminate 10 laws if you are going to re-create. To change the table Every time a politician stands up and says “I propose legislation to prevent this from happening again.” Oh really? Foolish fools do not know the law, which is contrary to nature by humans, does not prevent people from doing bad things. They make people adapt and go in different directions. Try to avoid the law or the will of the law. Then recapture that law. But that does not work for you to do another and one for every hoop hole, unless someone you can choose applies to someone who does not fund your campaign for them. Oh no.

You will be another exception to the rules, regulations, orders, tax codes, resolutions, licensing fees, or hundreds of copies. What we hide with different names. But it is still a rule and a law. This problem is a problem. Many politicians (lawyers) do law for any reason. Forcing people to do business or doing something against the law, by nature, by an independent organization, natural law of nature, or the innate tendency of manhood, wherever parenting or nature I will tell you.

] Did you know that the OSHA standard is 56 stories high if you use all the pages and stack one page at a time? Should throw the next villain who makes another face without eliminating the top ten of jumping jumpers from the top with a high parachute release. Freedom executives or Free Enterprise do not have to be dreaming a pipe. With the newly created reality we are now facing after 9-11, we have to pay attention to what is real. We must return our freedom to fight for our rights. Terrorists are not our enemies. We have sacrificed enough. You wonder why boomers (77 million) do not trust the government, yes they accept. But they are convinced that hell knows better than to trust and Xers (80 million). They do not trust anyone anymore. With increased communication, it is time to make every level of respect for our government, protect and deliver the best they can, and freedom of all deals in our Constitution. Our rights are violated looking out your window. Vote for the right thing and study the history and remember all those who died to be a great place.

Source by Lance Winslow

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