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Companies Participate in training and expanding their IEL … – Globo.com


continuous improvement is essential for any business training programs and IEL CNI bets on the ongoing preparation for the Brazilian industry can charge customers.

motors that move the industry all work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, but had to stop one day. And that the device comes to the company after maintenance work. The place looks like a hospital, where the engine is damaged or rusty, dirty bad. No joke to make changes.


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Arley Pereira repair equipment business since 1986, the last year training program for small business IEL made a small revolution in his workshop in Goiania. “Employees become more involved process most dynamic. Power is no training we get lost like a blind man in shooting “Arley said.


measures that are simple but high impact, we need to start putting on paper work of each employee.

“explaining that he had to make the entire process. While he has written all the equipment to measure, prevent errors and ensure the quality of the final product. Finally, I can say that. & # 39; to see my products come and go as I want, approved and certified to run on the client & # 39; “Explains Managing Wagner Barbosa Souza


But all this is not enough. It is also necessary to examine each stage of the work. With the help of IEL quality manager Michelle Borges Rios used the company seal and knocked back by half. “The process we have created a checklist that can make the decision of our equipment,” said the manager of quality.

training program of IEL is done in partnership with the Sebrae, he has served 993 businesses in 22 states and covers four themes: people, processes, and markets advanced topics such as management and leadership training industry. They attend lectures, training and skills to do it in-house.

“This is the work to bring knowledge to our business, especially for those who play small businesses that they can have a management model similar to those with the big business like. well as in the rest of the world. Then bring this information to the operator of the. professionalize Said the director of the National IEL Paul moles.


In addition to improving our products and service programs that contribute to the strategic changes in the company, it was with the help of a technician IEL Arley, for example, realized that he was losing a big chunk of the market.

Of course, the training workshop to see and meet the lucrative market for larger engines Arley invested R $ 1.5 million to build in 2015 the new warehouse of 3,400 square meters will be modified crop tool and important. mining, such as: workshops, sales increased by 20% for now


“In the Midwest, people who work with this device. We see this opportunity, “Arley said.


“training solution at any time of the crisis or the crisis is not, and it will end with a more significant because a key tool for operators to undergo training with other aspects. who do not have the ascendancy that can not be controlled. If the codes are trained to become entrepreneurs, better trained, better prepared, with more access to technology in the form of international management, it is in your control. This he can do, and when it does not, the result of a very good company, “added Paul.


entrepreneurs and small business managers who are interested in attending the course should seek IEL program in your state, or access the website: www.capacitacaoielsebrae.com.br


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Goiânia / SP – CEP: 74075-130
Tel: (62) 3295-3188
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companies are involved in training and expanding their IEL … – Globo.com
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why the concentration of business customers affected sales transactions

few owners realize the significant impact that the concentration of clients with the sale of their business. The concentration of clients represents a major obstacle, and will affect the ability to assess and management structure of the transaction, the business will not only create problems in qualifying buyers. But it will affect the ability of any prospective purchasers will receive funding of a third party to complete the acquisition. If the concentration of existing customers is a critical component in an organization’s succession planning process.

The concentration of customers is a situation when one customer represents a significant part of their income, or businesses whose customer base is very small. Based on expert consultation, a certain percentage for different concentrations. In most cases, to recognize when one customer represents more than 10% of sales when customers top five consists of more than 25% of its revenues in the situation one more risk is created by the absence. diversification and steps to reduce it should be taken in advance of the planned business solution.

The evaluation is important for business owners to recognize. That customer base, they have a significant impact on the enterprise value of the company’s broad and diverse group of clients with a large number of clients contributing to the business. & # 39; revenues will achieve a higher transaction value reduces the risk that a large profit decline would happen if a customer is lost, or a particular industry. The businesses that serve its economic distress.

In addition to the sale price, the lower the concentration of business customers’ problems are more difficult to sell in the market. For business transactions Main Street. (Those with adjusted earnings of less than $ 2mm) third-party financing to be used in most cases. Businesses with a high degree of customer concentration is very difficult to get funding. The lender may make a partial offer sub-optimal conditions, or deny a loan at all. In that situation, the financing of the third party can not use the pool of buyers is limited significantly and terms that may weigh heavily in the future be issued on the basis of treatment. revenue from the largest customer. “Typically, our customers want the concentration of up to 10% when considering the financing of the acquisition. The higher levels are possible with more explanation and supporting documentation. But there is still a major concern, “states Steve Marini, President of Diamond Financial Services.

The final concentration of customers will have a direct impact on the management structure for the transaction of business sales. The buyer intends to bridge the risks customers through a variety of delay performance. & # 39; financing methods. For example, assume that both parties agree on a purchase price of $ 900,000 up to $ 300,000 revenue adjustment (many 3x) the accounting major to demonstrate on $ 75,000 of $ 300,000, this would represent $ 225,000. the price The buyer intends to split the $ 225,000 to ensure that earnings will continue to sell the post. After a period of 12 months and customers have remained in place, the seller will be paid. If the client and in accordance with the stated revenue was lost during this period pricing adjustments to be made.

in situations where the buyer is unable to obtain financing transactions due to the concentration of customers, vendors may have to accept. “Commitments have been issued” for the revenue from the largest customer, or worse, they may also have to finance most of. “The purchase price was not binding” negotiations with buyers.

payouts that could possibly happen. Structured in a variety of ways:

get out

earmark part of the purchase price has been paid during the engagement period. When the storage of customer-specific or achieving revenue targets specific


percent of the purchase price. held in escrow Accounting for a given time


vendors will be responsible for financing most of the purchase price through. Note vendors The seller may be structured with commitments for income received from its largest customers.

with any of the technical management structure, these vendors can not be expected to guarantee income in perpetuity and if the price is based on a treatment. One or more major customers, vendors may need to participate more active in maintaining relationships with customers during the term of the contract. Of course, this brings additional complexity to the transaction.

In most cases, buyers will look to reduce the amount they are willing to pay for. (With a concentration of high customer) until they recognized that the risk is low. While a clear strategy to minimize your risks is to diversify and increase the customer base, the business has a number of. the concentration of customers either do not pose a significant risk may be reduced.

contract customer

has a contract in place that will not eliminate all risk of loss of major customers. It allows buyers to secure the revenues and profits will continue. After the change of ownership takes place. When the client’s ability to participate in the formulation or transfer will be important to understand. In many cases, the sale of shares compared to the sale of assets, was elected to treat these contracts

barriers to entry or exit.

businesses can have intellectual property, expertise, products or patents to gain a competitive advantage, barring other contestants in remote areas geographically. benefits discourage customers from changing supply relationship. Finally, there may be significant funding requirements for the production and use of tools or agencies approved. (Pharmaceutical industry or government contracts), which creates a barrier to entry by potential competitors.

provides a wide range of products and / or services:

correlate broadly with key customer relationships, not up. Only one product in one location and reduce the risk that one party to a profound change in the singular. Affect the future earnings and the continuation of the

economies of scale or Synergies :.

acquisition could. pursue strategic buyers. They bring new products / services to organizations that have a geographical spread wider or economies of scale in the production of any of these elements will help to reduce the concentration of risk in revenue. the customer is given to represent the organization in the future.


business with a high degree of concentration of customer risk in itself, and it is important for the owners to appreciate. this concern from the perspective of potential buyers. In the end, the buyer only tried to keep customers who have contributed to the success of the business and will be a factor in determining the price and the transaction price. From the buyer’s questions and concerns as a matter of logic:


  1. How does the value of the company if customers representing 10% or more of their income and / or gains will be lost in the first year or not
  2. .

  3. How easy it is for customers who represent a concern for the concentration of customers going out of business or not
  4. .

  5. The situation is unique in the business to maintain relationships with customers in the years ahead
  6. .

  7. What is a logical step and expenses corresponding to lower risk clients?
  8. .

  9. I would achieve a transaction that win? I protect the buyer against the risk of loss of revenue in the near term, while providing vendors with a reasonable compensation for the fair market value of their business or
  10. .

While the risks may not be able to dismiss all have a number of situations where a concentration of customers are more satisfied and a reasonable explanation should be given to the buyer on the occasion. first Getting ahead of the challenges that may arise, it is important to reach agreement at winning. When the communication is good, and both parties are fair and reasonable to the table a number of options available when it is needed to reduce risks and to negotiate a fair and reasonable price. Obviously, the best way for vendors in the future will be to develop and implement a plan to reduce the concentration of any element of the customer in advance of the issuance of business. The elimination of this risk is only sound advice for small business owners not to sell to ponder.

Source by Michael Fekkes