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Business Buying – Best or Upper Provider?

My Career Center allows business owners to analyze their assets and teach them about whether they should sell all or some of their businesses. or not For this reason, I have a variety of business information, and I can tell you in the first hand, I often see a lot of bad operations. In addition to my experience of owning and operating multiple businesses by myself, I also teach the buyer about what to look for in a business and how to purchase a business. So it is not uncommon for me to tilt the negative side of things and look for alarms that may affect both parties in business transactions. I do not enjoy the negative search of a business. But I know them and I work hard to find and reduce the impact that these risk factors may have on the partner.

But I’ve never found a bad thing. And in this period of punishment and sorrow in our present economy, I think I will share with you about those who stand above the crows and do great business.

Several years ago Before I started to specialize in selling and buying convenience stores, I worked as a broker in several industries. One of them is hotel and hotel industry. While my friend happened to own a boutique hotel in the Caribbean on St. Louis Island, Croix, US Virgin Islands. One day he told me he was tired and since he owned the hotel for many years, he decided to sell it so he could spend more time with his family. I agree to help him and start reviewing his book and record. One of the first things I noticed is that doing good business … is a very good business. By that I mean he is working 90% occupancy and has been for many years.

It is not that he just had a year or two. A Good Year He has been very profitable for many years. When I asked him if he had received a 90% occupancy and kept there, he said that over the years, during the slow season, he would make minor changes to new businesses. Every six months, he does something different from his hotel. It may be a new painting on the wall in the lobby or a new trash or towel, etc. But he always changes or adds something to the customer to see. When I asked him because he did that, his answer was: “My client expects to see new things all the time,” he explains. “You see that even though many customers may be upset. But not many people because I work so they come back to me every year. They enjoy their experience at the hotel and they want to see something. He also told me that once the occupation began to decline, he would travel into the city and offer air-conditioned rooms to the villagers for a discounted price to help fill in. Full of his room And to generate more cash flow.

Wow, I think. What is the new concept? He went and asked for someone’s business.

So I started working on selling his hotel. I can not tell you how many people are interested in my hotel. Eventually, I found out that a businessman and his son from Ohio who had seen the property met with the owner and had even an accountant involved with the sale of the business. But when I was about to write an agreement to buy the item, it was disrupted. The buyer said he could not buy a business.

I asked him why? Is it because of ask price? Is there something wrong with the cash flow or numbers of businesses that are not watching the sequence? There are no items. Good numbers and hotel property are in excellent condition. The answer to why he can not afford a business is still ringing in the ear today, as if he said yesterday, “I can not afford this gentlemen’s hotel because he works so well in using it. There is nothing left for me, “he said.” I could not start working better than the current owner because he was doing everything right in business and still doing so. Even in times of hardship, “this hotel is famous for its eight-cylinder cylinders running on eight-cylinder cylinders and doing well to no avail.

Business It was too good to be sold.

Not long until many years later I encountered the same problem again. I was contacted by a gentleman who owns 12 convenience stores and decided to sell about half to reduce the workload. Here again, when I checked the quality of the physical assets of the store and reviewed my books and records, I found that I had found another. “The eight-cylinder truck ran on all eight tanks.”

The man and his team are excellent operators. Whenever something happens in a store or something that needs replacement or maintenance outside, they fix it. I can not find fault anywhere and most stores are older than 5 years. The planning of the sale of the goods and their floor is well placed and the circulation of the store. Every time I visit a store, they have special merchandise through the store from different sellers. All his stores are profitable and well-run. I remember a hotel in St. Louis, Croix and prepared for a difficult sale, but I was wrong. I sold all the stores he asked me to sell. I know people who buy these stores are happy to know that they are buying excellent assets to operate. And they are especially happy with the fact that all they have to do to maintain the store’s success is to continue to operate the store as well as the original owner.

] What is the ethics of this?

When buying a business, you always have a choice. You can buy a business that is a great business and all you have to do is act and do the same thing that the last owner is doing. This would be like buying an eight-cylinder truck that works in eight cylinders.

Or you can buy a business that needs some attention and some loving, caring and upturned love. But it will also take more work to make the business fine and work well. This is a six-cylinder, eight-cylinder, working vehicle. In other words, the top provider

. Either way, you are going generally. You are going far ahead than trying to start a business from scratch and do hard business. That suits your taste, then decide whether you are buying a first class service or someone you can walk in and be ready to travel and start enjoying your trip. Do not

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